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CWEA Code of Ethics

2020 CWEA Board of Directors

Professional Conduct & Code of Ethics

All CWEA certification holders and applicants are expected to meet the following standards of professional conduct and ethics:

  1. To protect public health, themselves, their co-workers, property, and the environment by performing the Essential Duties of the CWEA certified vocation safely and effectively.
  2. To comply with all applicable federal, state and local regulations.
  3. To represent themselves truthfully and honestly throughout the entire certification process.
  4. To adhere to all test site rules and make no attempt to complete the test dishonestly or to assist any other person in doing so.
  5. To refrain from activities that may jeopardize the integrity of the Technical Certification Program.

The CWEA Code of Ethics establishes basic values and standards of conduct for certification applicants and certification holders. Any action of a certification holder or applicant that compromises the reliability of the certification process may be subject to the process described by the Ethics Procedures.

The Ethics Procedures provide a fair process for dealing with ethics complaints. The procedures define the participants in an ethics case and how each case will be handled. Individuals going through the process will be given opportunities to defend themselves and appeal any decisions made.

The Ethics Officer handles all official ethics complaints and determines if there is enough merit in each case to follow through with the Procedures. If appropriate, the Ethics Officer may suggest mediation to resolve ethics disputes without the formality of going through the entire procedural process.

CWEA's Ethics Policy is available here:

Examples of violations would be:

  • Providing false work history on an application
  • Using prohibited reference materials during a test
  • Taking test materials from a test site

Any action that might undermine CWEA's process of certifying basic minimal competency will be investigated.

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