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Information for Agency Leaders

CWEA is your partner in strengthening the wastewater profession

CWEA's Board members and Technical Certification Program (TCP) Committee are all volunteers from small, medium and large California agencies.

We strive to understand the needs of water and wastewater agencies and provide up-to-date, industry leading certifications. Our voluntary certification program is built by wastewater professionals for wastewater professionals.

To maintain a top-notch program, we depend on agency support for team members participating in the TCP Committee and CWEA leadership roles. Thank you to our agency partners for supporting TCP and helping CWEA build one of the nation's most respected certifications for wastewater professionals.

Benefits for Agencies

Water and wastewater agencies have a general obligation to perform due diligence in ensuring the competency of the personnel providing the public service and working at the public facilities.

A CWEA certificate provides agencies with written confirmation that the holder has demonstrated a certain level of job knowledge. It provides a documented level of assurance that employees are competent in safe work practices.

“I have found CWEA certified workers are safer, smarter and more creative in developing solutions. CWEA plays a huge role." - Phil Scott, GM, West Bay Sanitary District

CWEA certification provides concrete evidence to board members and citizens that the agency is staffed with people who know what they are doing and is competitive in any comparison of quality of service.

We continually develop new TCP items. Read our program updates here and subscribe to the certification newsletter (sign-up form below).

We're very proud to announce the launch of the Advanced Water Treatment Operator Certification in partnership with CA-NV AWWA.

We're Here to Help

Here are valuable on-line tools for agencies:

If you have certification questions, or if one of your team members who would like to volunteer for the TCP Committee or as a Subject Matter Expert, please contact us!

We always need volunteers for the program.

CWEA's Mission and Values

Founded in 1928, CWEA's members are passionate about protecting California's clean water.

Our mission: Increase the effectiveness of water environment professionals through: Education, Certification and Promotion of sound policies to benefit society by protecting the water environment.

Our core principles: Professionalism; Leadership and Community.

Our Code of Ethics: Be sure to read CWEA's Code of Ethics and our promotion of strong professional ethics in the water/wastewater sector.

Code of Ethics

CWEA members uphold the highest professional standards. We protect our communities, the environment and each other.

Read the ethics code

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