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Advanced Water Treatment Operator Certification


AWT Operator certification

Advanced Water Treatment Operator™

AWT Operators (AWTO™) protect public health by ensuring a supply of safe and high-quality drinking water from advanced water reuse facilities.

AWTOs understand advanced processes and the impact of feed water quality on production and finished water quality. They operate, monitor, and maintain AWT processes, such as membrane systems and advanced oxidation.

At the higher grade levels, AWTOs have an advanced understanding of technologies and the regulations pertinent to the end uses of treated water; such as recycled water, potable water, and potable water reuse.

AWTOs at the supervisor and management level maintain regular communication with regulatory agencies and ensure permit compliance. They are responsible for preparing and submitting regulatory reports. They are also responsible for ensuring safety planning, procedures and team safety meetings are completed to keep team members safe.

There are currently six Advanced Water Treatment Facilities in California producing pure water for groundwater recharge. Several more facilities are in the design and permitting process and will come online over the next five years.

Examples of AWTO Certification Exam Topics

These are only a few basic examples of the competencies necessary to become certified:

  • Process knowledge
  • AWT terminology
  • Chemicals used in AWT process
  • Operational and safety procedures
  • Instrumentation and analyzers use and calibration
  • Control strategies process
  • HACCP System approach to operations
  • Monitoring critical control points
  • Sampling and analysis
  • AWT process-related math and formulas

For more details please read the AWTO Candidate Handbook available on our website AWTOperator.org

AWTO grade levels

There are currently three AWTO grade levels:

  • AWT3™
  • AWT4™
  • AWT5™

The prerequisite to apply for the AWTO grade 3 exam is to hold one of these certifications:

  • CA Wastewater Operator Grade III
  • CA Drinking Water Operator Grade III
  • NV Wastewater Operator Grade III
  • NV Drinking Water Operator Grade III

Once your application is approved for the AWTO grade 3 exam, you can take AWTO exams in order.

For more details please visit the website AWTOperator.org.

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