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New Certification Website Highlights Pathways into Water Careers

Welcome to Cert.CWEA.org 

The California water profession is an exciting and growing sector. From droughts to floods to water reuse – California is a world leader in water strategy and technology. The sector is experiencing a large workforce turnover as approximately one-half of California water professionals retire and new people join us.

Water professionals are responsible for safe drinking water and environmental protection. They have critical responsibilities for public health and the well-being of our communities. Workers are required or encouraged to obtain a professional certification.

CWEA offers six voluntary certifications. We’re proud to launch a new website to explain the benefits of CWEA certification, the importance of ethics and to help candidates navigate the application process. We know certifications are important – they get help you get your first water job or get ready for a promotion.

The website explains each step needed to obtain certification, including: selecting a certification; applying; computerized testing centers; continuing education and renewals.

“The new website is a great tool for anyone interested in certification,”  said Norah Duffy, CWEA’s Director of Certification. “It will make navigating the process easier, and the Cert Team is here to help as well – we want people to be successful.”

CWEA Technical Certifications

  1. Collection System Maintenance
  2. Electrical/Instrumentation Technician
  3. Environmental Compliance Inspector
  4. Laboratory Analyst
  5. Mechanical Technologist
  6. Advanced Water Treatment Operator (a joint program with CA-NV AWWA)

The new certification website was built with guidance from the Technical Certification Program Committee, an all-volunteers group of water professionals that oversee and guide CWEA’s certification program. Financial support this year for the website comes from Haaker Equipment Company.

“We recognize how hard collection system professionals work day in and day out to keep our systems operational, and we want to support them in any way we are able to. After all, people are the greatest asset to any organization and should be the priority! ” said Robin Haaker, President & CEO.

Certifications are documented evidence of professional achievement. They lead to greater recognition and respect for the knowledge and abilities of water professionals. The State Water Board, CWEA and CA-NV AWWA all issue various certifications for each of the water practice areas.

Learn more about CWEA certifications at Cert.CWEA.org. Start down your own pathway to a great water career!

About CWEA

Founded in 1928, CWEA is an association of over 10,000 California water professionals. Led by an all-volunteer Board of Directors, CWEA educates and certifies water quality professionals, disseminates technical information, and advocates for the water profession. CWEA is a proud member association of the Water Environment Federation and we are a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization. Contact info:  www.CWEA.org or 510.382.7800. CWEA together with our sister CA water associations also highlight water careers on the public outreach website www.CAWaterJobs.org.

About Haaker

Haaker Equipment Company has been taking care of customers for over 40 years. A lot has changed in street sweepers and sewer cleaning trucks over the years, but not our commitment to delivering the highest quality products and service.

We feel our training, experience and dedication to the customer adds value and sustains our commitment to product satisfaction and total support. If you are looking for the best in parking lot sweepers, sewer cleaners and pipe inspection equipment, we are the right choice for you. Haaker.com, or call 800-200-3432. 1 Nobody works Harder for you than Haaker!

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