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Launching July 1: Collection System Maintenance Grade 1 Blueprint and Exam

New CSM Grade 1 Blueprint

TCP has developed a new Collection System Maintenance Grade 1 Exam Blueprint and Suggested References for the new exam starting July 1, 2019.
This is a new certification publication that is intended to help CSM Grade 1 exam candidates understand the exam content and the job role being tested. The Exam Blueprint offers a description of the exam content outline and suggested references to help target studying.

We appreciate the feedback from over 240 CSM certificate holders so we can update these exams to reflect what workers need to know now. Thank you to the hard work of the volunteer CSM Subject Matter Experts who reviewed the exams. If you have any questions, please contact Certification Project Manager Lydia Guerra at [email protected].

New CSM Grade 1 Exam Starts July 1, 2019

We’re updating CSM certifications to reflect what wastewater collection system professionals need to know now.

Here’s what you need to know:

  1.  We maintain the highest certification standards and are guided by an expert consultant
  2. Collection System Maintenance Grade 1 is the first collections certification to undergo the comprehensive process
  3. The new CSM Grade 1 exam starts July 1st  (the start of our summer testing window)
  4. CSM 2-4 exams will also undergo this comprehensive process

Be sure to download the new CSM Grade 1 Blueprint and Suggested References, when you’re ready, check out how to Apply for certification.

Recorded Webinar: Announcing the New CSM Grade 1 Exam

UPDATE: View the webinar here!

Webinar agenda:

  1. We’re updating collection system maintenance certifications to reflect what workers need to know now
  2. Collection System Maintenance Grade 1 is the first collections certification to undergo this comprehensive process
  3. New “Exam Blueprints and Suggested References”  can streamline your study efforts so you can prepare for success (replacing “study guides”)
  4. Discuss future certification program enhancements

Webinar presenters:

  • Kody Tompkins, Chief Plant Operator, City of Barstow, TCP Committee
  • Norah Duffy, Director of Certification, CWEA
  • Dr. Amanda Dainis, CEO and Lead Psychometrician, Dainis & Company

The CSM Grade 1 exam is new and we’ll tell you more about the process of developing CWEA certifications. The exam is being updated to reflect what entry level CSM workers need to know now. The certification program is built and overseen by water pros for water pros.


Are you a Grade 2 or higher certified professional? You can volunteer to help develop new topic areas and exams.

Complete the contact us form and choose “Volunteer” as the topic. We look forward to seeing you at a future workshop for subject matter experts.

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