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Certification Q&A: Exams, Test Centers, Scheduling, Contact Hours

Upcoming Exam Appointments

Q: I am approved to take my certification exam, but Pearson Vue test centers across the state are closed. When will I be able to test?

A: As majority of test centers are closed due to the shelter in place order and you may be unable to find an available appointment within your approved exam window. Keep checking back in the upcoming weeks to see if your preferred test center or other test centers in your area have decided when they will reopen. If you do not test in your approved exam window, CWEA will initiate a complimentary transfer for you to the next window once your window has ended.


Q: I had an appointment scheduled to take my exam and it was canceled by the test center. How do I reschedule my exam?

A: Once you receive your cancellation confirmation email, you can login to your Pearson VUE account vue.com/cwea and reschedule your appointment. If you do not see any available appointments, keep checking back in the upcoming weeks to see if your preferred test center or other test centers in your area have decided when they will reopen.


Q: I tried calling Pearson Vue to reschedule my exam and am having trouble getting through. What should I do?

A: We recommend that you use the online system, as Pearson VUE’s call center is experiencing high volume calls and wait times. Please be aware that the online system may take some time to load due to high traffic. If it is not loading, please try again later.


Contact Hour Information

Q: How do I earn my required contact hours with in-person trainings canceled statewide?

A: CWEA wants to make sure you are aware of your options for maintaining your certification during this time. We know the COVID-19 outbreak and subsequent cancelation of training events across the state may impact your ability to earn contact hours.


We are committed to working with certificate holders to ensure they can maintain their certification. If you will be unable to earn the required twelve contact hours of continuing education in time, it is important that you contact the certification department before your contact hour period ends to discuss options.

To support your continuing education during this time, CWEA will offer a series of live training webinars on a variety of topics. Keep an eye on your inbox for more details.

As a reminder, in-house training can be used to meet the contact hour requirement. In-house training includes any training that is conducted by an employer, or a trainer contracted by an employer, and it relevant to the vocation in which you are certified.

Additionally, there are many online training providers that offer contact hours or CEUs at a variety of price points. While many online providers primarily offer operator training, there are many modules or courses that are appropriate for most CWEA certifications. If you have any questions about the relevancy of an online course you wish to take, or need help finding a suitable course, please contact us at [email protected]. We are here to help.


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