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Welcome to Our New Website!

Above: “Rosie Reuse” and “Victor Valves” will show you how easy it is to get CWEA certified >

We’re launching Cert.CWEA.org to make it easier to access certification information, preparation materials and explain in detail how to apply and take a CWEA certification exam.

Welcome to the Technical Certification Program (TCP) website!

Norah Duffy, Director of Certification, CWEA

The water sector in California is changing rapidly. Droughts, reuse, new technology, aging infrastructure, communities without clean water and a wave of retirements are all happening now. It’s one of the most exciting times to be a water professional.

Whether you’re new to the sector or have worked in water for several years – certifications from CWEA, CA-NV AWWA and the State Water Board are the recognized and respected way water professionals obtain a water job and advance up the career ladder.

Just by exploring the TCP website you’re demonstrating curiosity and a willingness to improve your skills. Traits employers like to see.

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